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Creating Places

It doesn't matter whether you prefer a cocktail bar, a classy hotel lobby or the barbell area at your local gym: With Places, your workspace is exactly where you want it to be.

Creative minds need a playground, not a cage – that's why the orangery presents you with the opportunity to work wherever you feel inspired. We take care of the infrastructure and the know-how; our places provide the right ambience. You’re the one who decides what suits you best.

Thanks to flexible tariffs, you can design every workday individually. Meet like-minded people, make contacts or hold meetings in a relaxed atmosphere – whenever and wherever you want. Move your desk and open your horizons. We offer the needed space.

Tired of cold coffee and dusty offices? Our Places partners not only guarantee a change of air, but also provide culinary variety on your every request. Choose your workplace according to your lunch plans or your free time.

Orangery Places turns your favorite locations into a home office. Thanks to this, business is livelier and more attractive for customers – even off rush hours. There is no additional effort for the restaurateurs. Instead, you help bridge vacancies and liven up your neighborhood with your ideas and projects.


  • Internet Features als IconFree Wifi
  • Arbeitsplatz Features als IconThe staff is considerate
  • Konferenzräume Features als IconIf you’re hungry, please ask the staff for the menu.
  • Office Manager Features als IconPower strips, adapters and useful tech gadgets are in the supply box
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30 % off on orangery meeting rooms in the spaces

15 % off on the places program for orangery members

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  • unlimited nationwide access
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Country Pass (1 Year)

999 € / Year*

  • unlimited nationwide access
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