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Coworking: the turbo for start-up

Five reasons why start-ups can benefit from Coworking-Spaces

Start-ups have nothing to give away; this applies above all to the central resources of time and money. However, precisely these resources are often wrongly invested when it comes to the actual jobs that are created at the time of a company's foundation. Instead of painstakingly looking for overpriced premises, more and more start-ups opt for Coworking- Spaces. There are five good reasons.

1. Flexible and scalable Nowadays, founders need to be flexible: Markets and team structures are often subject to quick changes – and often these changes are difficult to map without delay in a conventional office. Coworking-Spaces offer start-ups maximum flexibility because they are available 24/7 and their transparent pricing model enables accurate planning and scalability. This way, your start-up can thrive and prosper. And you put the whole focus on your work.

2. Inspiring and motivating Tear-off calendar, file cabinet and a rubber tree on the windowsill? No, thanks! Coworking- Spaces offer you a different atmosphere from day to day. Not only because you meet new and exciting people every day, but also because they are equipped with great furniture and innovative office accessories that will have a stimulating effect your creativity. Whether silent work or group work in a happy open space – you decide every day on your working method.

3. Strong in contact and network Coworking does not only imply working next to eacht other, but also with each other if necessary. In practice, coworking often creates the necessary synergies without external intervention. You're in the same boat, and it is worth thinking through an idea in an interdisciplinary way – and if you cannot seem to solve a concrete problem, there is almost always someone who knows someone who knows someone.

4. Informative and unwound By coworking, you learn new things every day – without lessons or workshops – because you are constantly confronted with new challenges as well as with unconventional solutions. Thanks to coworking space you have the opportunity to quickly put your heads together and work on topics together insetad of hiding under a rock. This ensures development and keeps the mind alert – ideal conditions for surviving in the business world.

5. Global and holistic Hildesheim, Helsinki, Hong Kong: Coworking connects does not only connect ideas, but also cities, regions and nations. This makes Coworking-Spaces a real growth accelerator for young start-ups. If you belong to the Orangery community, you can of course use all our coworking offices – and within the individual locations you often meet people from all over the world. This way, your network will grow on its own and you will be able to discuss your ideas on a global level in no time.

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