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Smartphone, Smartphone take my call, who is the fairest of them all?

In this fairy tale the questioner does not achieve a happy ending – will it be the same for us and our smartphones?

Most certainly not. It seems like the smartphone was tailor-made for us. It's convenient, handy and makes it easy to communicate with people from all over the world. Meanwhile, we stay informed through small bits of information – all within a matter of seconds. The best thing: waiting is easier than ever before. The train is running late? No problem: a single look at our smartphone keeps us informed and busy at the same time.

The user pays a price:

It becomes more and more apparent that all of this might not only be a blessing but also a curse. Every achievement comes with a price – not only in terms of actual costs – even though our phones can be quite expensive. For example: what effect the constant radiation might have on us is still completely unclear at this point.

What we already know:

1. The smartphone can easily cause an addiction.

2. Our ability to think slowly regresses, if we do not have to use it constantly. At the same time, Google and similar services are way more convenient. Our manners and general behavior deteriorate as well. Sadly, it is easier to look at our screens than to start a friendly conversation with other passengers on the train.

3. There is a phenomenon called the “smartphone hunchback “. It took millions of years for humans to develop the erect posture. The smartphone seems to have ruined this in a matter of a few decades.

4. Does it need any more studies to prove the negative effect that smartphones have on work productivity? Not really, after all, it should be clear to everyone how much time they waste in everyday life. There are studies, however, and they prove exactly what common sense already knew.

What can we do to secure a happy ending?

As a society, we can do almost nothing to avoid this problem. It does not matter if it is business or leisure time: the smartphone has undoubtedly secured its place in everyday life. These smart little helpers are way too important to give them up on a whim.

We as individuals have control over every aspect of our lives. Technology is one of them. The more we refuse to be molded into smartphone slaves, the better. Of course, we could try to avoid the smartphone completely, as long as this does not artificially curtail our lives. After all, the smartphone undoubtedly has its advantages. But first and foremost, the decisive factor will be how consciously we use it. Maybe we could occasionally leave it in our pockets and enjoy both nature and our fellow human beings. This might not only be a pleasant experience – it may also have a visible effect on our mental and physical health. At first, it might be difficult, but it would definitely be worth a happy ending.

P.S. Studies have already proven that boredom is more important for staying healthy than we previously assumed.

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