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Hildesheim base for start-up entrepreneurs

Hildesheim base for start-up entrepreneurs

Selling luxury watches on the internet? Bamberg-based start-up company Horando developed this busines idea. Dominik Groenen jumped at the chance and brought the whole company to his location in Hildesheim.

Dominik Groenen jumped at the chance and brought the whole company to his location in Hildesheim. Besides, he collected 1.5 billion euros as a starting support for the newcomers. ''We are not only exploiting the potential from Hildesheim, we are also bringing in some from outside," said Groenen at the opening of the second floor of the Orangery on Bismarckplatz.

According to Groenen, the former police station near the motorway A7 is the spot whre the modernization of the world of work is now to take place – creatively, flexibly and with a desire for growth. The credo of his team: everyone works together, even if everyone wants to push forward own projects. This is called co-working. The Orangery provides computer scientists and graphic designers who take care of the marketing, from the business card to the online presence. Or simply raise money.

Martin Kind is also on board

At the opening, the entrepreneur Martin Kind was in the audience, too. He is also one of the sponsors who believe that the Orangery has a great future.

Hildesheim's Lord Mayor Ingo Meyer agrees, even though he was still sceptical in 2015 when Groenen presented his plans for the start-up company Orangery, as he admitted in his opening speech. But I still had the feeling the man knew what he was talking about." Four years later, he is greatful for his creative impulse for Hildesheim: "What is happening here is huge for the city.''

Our goal: becoming a web community

Around 200 guests were present on Friday evening to learn about the function principle the Orangery is supposed to follow. Jakob Klement also gave an insight. Although the 18- year-old is currently finishing his A-levels, he is in charge of the Orangery as a young entrepreneur and presented a freshly installed app to the audience that entrepreneurs can use to keep in contact with each other. In any case, Groenen and his team members do not lack self-confidence. He has secured the brand name "The Berlin-way is just too easy" on the Internet to draw attention to the Orangery and further similar projects in an number of other medium-sized cities.

In any case, the goals are ambitious. "We want to become a large data community," announces the young Klement. This can start on a small scale, for example by renting the Orangery for a few hours – or by founding a start-up company. In doing so, no one is left on their own, he says.

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